Welcome to larasimmons.net. I am so glad you have found me on the web. This site is my all-in-one hub/blog/website for all of my writing and spiritual activities.

Here's what you will find here:

the refrigerator oracle - my original personal blog where I post quotes that are meaningful to me and recount my attempts to stay in the moment and walk my spiritual talk.

Dear Soul Sisters - a spiritual advice column I write with my sister. We offer intuitive, insightful and informed advice. (Think of us as Dear Abby for the new millennium!) Please write to us if there’s something you’re struggling with - we'd love to help you get free and move forward!

Pebbles are Small Stones - my "small stones" blog started in July 2011 for the river of stones project.

Please make yourself at home, click around and see what you can find to interest and inspire you. I am so glad you are here!

Love, Lara


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