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Let It Suck

"Let it suck." --B.S. A few weeks ago I met a new friend for coffee. It was one of those amazing "first dates" where you immediately fall into conversation about important things and time seems to pass so quickly that before you know it hours have gone by and you both need to rush off, late for whatever it was you were supposed to be doing that afternoon. We talked about life and family, relationships and writing, and I told her that one of the most important things I have learned about writing is the importance of being willing to write a really shitty first draft. I learned this, of course, from Anne Lamott's book "Bird By Bird," but it took me years - YEARS - to be able to actually do it and it still makes me nervous and twitchy sometimes and I am still a LONG way off from enjoying it. We talked a bit more about our writing process and then she paused for a moment out of the blue and said, " Let it suck, " which was her way of re

A New Year's Realization

" Your job is not who you are, your car is not who you are, your looks are not who you are, not even your who you are.  You're simply on a journey, just trying things out, to see what you like, to see what you don't... because you can, because it's temporary, and because it's all on the way 'home.'" --The Universe on My sister-in-law gave me a Fitbit for my birthday. I was excited because I had been wanting to try one and it was a nice surprise. I started wearing it and immediately became obsessed with how many "steps" I was taking each day. I loved the days when I got the vibrating wrist party that celebrates 10,000 steps and I lamented the days when I didn't quite make it. It motivated me to take the dog for an extra walk around the block at lunchtime (500 steps) or to do a quick 30 minutes on the treadmill (1500 steps) or even to run around Greenlake more often (6000 steps). It also pointed out how s

A Good Reminder

      A cold winter's day at Greenlake "This will also change. " --From a folktale about two brothers and a ring I needed this reminder today and thought maybe you might too: "This will also change." A reminder that things are always changing and anything that isn't going well for you today is likely to change sooner or later, hopefully sooner.  The last time I posted this was last year on New Year's Day ( so I think it's a reminder I often need at this time of year when the world is dark and cold. This will also change. S oon it will be lighter and warmer and greener and perhaps I will even remember these dark cold days with a bit of nostalgia and fondness. 


"I am being, while still becoming."  --E.L. in a meditation class As my husband and I had a late morning lie-in on New Year's Day, we were reflecting on the past year and talking about the year ahead. I started asking him the standard questions: " What are your goals for this year? What do you want to do or achieve in 2016 ?" But before he could answer, I kept going: " No, wait, WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE in 2016 ?" I asked, finally pleased with my own question.  This is what I really wanted to know about my husband, about myself, and about all of the important people in my life: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE this year?   We focus so much on what we DO and where we GO and what we ACHIEVE, sometimes it's exhausting, and often it doesn't really say that much about who we ARE, or who we WANT TO BE. So, WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE this year? Someone who loves more and works less? Or someone who slacks less and works more? Someone who hikes, gardens