The Violet Flame Meditation was given to mankind by Ascended Master Saint Germain for the purpose of transmuting negative energy. I learned this meditation from my friend Cindy, a gifted psychic and fellow seeker, and have been practicing it for more than fifteen years. I have found it to be extremely beneficial in helping me to release negative energy, loosen blocks in my physical body and open my heart. I use it almost daily to keep both my physical body and my energy body (aura) cleansed and clear. It is also a great meditation to use for forgiveness work.

In my book, "Write Your Life," I included a shorter version of this meditation in the chapter "Let Go of the Past." This is the longer version, the one I first learned, and the one I use most often.  

The Violet Flame Meditation (Long Version) 

Find a comfortable position, either sitting cross-legged on the floor, on a meditation cushion, sitting upright in a chair with your feet on the ground or lying on the floor with your arms at your side and your feet stretched out in front of you. Take a few deep breaths – IN and OUT, IN and OUT - to ground yourself and set the space for your meditation. Once you feel yourself beginning to relax, begin the meditation. 

Imagine the Source of all things as you see Him/Her/It in your mind's eye. This may be the sun, the moon, a bright light, or some other image in your mind. Imagine a ray of light extending out of that entity and flowing down through the atmosphere to the top of your head (your crown chakra). As you do say, “I ask now to be connected to the Source of all light and life. I ask that from this Source of all things be sent a cord of white light.” 

Picture this cord of white light entering your head at the center of your crown and flowing down into your body, following the central channel (your spinal cord). Imagine it splitting off at the neck to flow down each arm and continuing down the central channel to your pelvis, where it splits off again into your legs and out each foot. Send each of these rays (one from each hand, one from each foot, and one from the central channel, which comes out of your perineum) down into the earth. Imagine them joining together into one ray of light about five to ten feet under the earth's surface and then going down, down, down, into the very center of the earth. 

Then say, “I ask now that from the center of the earth be sent the white light of transformation.” Imagine white light coming up through all the layers of the earth, into your physical body. As it reaches your toes say, “I ask that this white light fill up my toes, my feet, my ankles; my calves, shins, and knees; the fronts and backs of my thighs, my buttocks and hips. I ask that it fill up my pelvis, abdomen and chest; my low back, middle back and upper back. My shoulders and shoulder blades, neck, head and face. Fill up my brain, my spinal cord, my arms, elbows, and forearms, my hands and my fingers.” If, as you go you find that a certain area is resistant to being filled with white light, pause there and let it work on that area a bit. Give it time and be patient. If after awhile it will still not fill with light, move on, knowing that as you practice this will change. 

Continue by saying, “I ask that this white light fill every atom and every molecule of my physical body, taking with it any negative emotions, negative thought-forms, or negative energies that are ready to be released at this time. I ask that it overflow my physical body and continue up to the Source of all creation.” Picture the white light flowing out of your physical body and up to Source as you, releasing all of the negative energies you have collected today and all the days of your life. 

Once this stream of white light connects to Source, immediately ask Source to send down a pillar of white light to surround both your physical and your energetic body (your aura). “I ask that from Source be sent a safe and unfettered container of light to surround both my physical and my energetic body.” 

Picture yourself standing in the center of this pillar of light. Then imagine it extending down through the Earth into the very center of the Earth. Then say, “I ask that this safe container of light contain all the rays of light and love that are needed at this time (if you work with color, you may ask for specific colors; or just set the intention that Source will choose whatever is for your highest good), that it be sheathed in silver-mirrored light to protect me from all outside negative energies and influences.”Pause for a moment to feel the safety of this container of light and to thank Source for it. 

Then say, “I ask now that Saint Germain send from center of the Earth the Violet Flame of transformation. I ask that this Violet Flame burn off all remaining negative energies that are present at this time.” Now imagine a violet fire coming up from the center of the Earth. Imagine it at your feet, burning off all negative energies contained there. Imagine it at your ankles, your calves, your shins and your knees. Continue up your body, asking the Violet Flame to burn off any negative energies it finds anywhere in your body. 

Go slowly, feeling the power of the Violet Flame as it works on you. Consciously try and release any negative energies or emotions of which you are aware at this time. Let yourself let go and completely release anything which is ready to be released. If there is something in particular that you would like to release, or someone you are trying to forgive, place it/them in your heart chakra as the Violet Flame makes it's way up your body. 

Once the Violet Flame has made it all the way to the top of your head and a couple of feet beyond (to cleanse the chakras above your head), rest for a few moments (or longer if you would like), feeling this powerful release. Thank Source and Saint Germain for this cleansing meditation and when you are ready, rise and go about your day.

~  *  ~

If you would like to hear an MP3 version of the Violet Flame Meditation, you may do so by clicking on this link: THE VIOLET FLAME MEDITATION (MP3)

Blessings to you always. 


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