The London Anniversary Marathon Day 1: Miles 1-8

To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in late June 2023, my husband and I decided to walk a marathon in London (his favorite city, after Seattle, of course) and Paris (my favorite city, sorry Seattle). We started in London, with our friends’ house in Walthamstow and the St. Pancras Renaissance at St. Pancras/Kings Cross as our home bases. 

On Day 1 we completed 8 miles, taking the overground train from Walthamstow Central to Liverpool St. Station (after a fabulous breakfast at a new breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee spot in Walthamstow - Hayati Gardens). 

Hayati Gardens, our favorite breakfast spot in Walthamstow. 
Walthamstow Central on the Victoria Line, a great place from which to explore the city of London. 

Liverpool St. station, which is currently undergoing renovation and was rather difficult to navigate in these tourists’ opinion. (Nope, we haven’t started walking yet…)

Now we’re on our way. First stop, the City of London (the original walled city, now the financial and banking district) and some of its eclectic architecture. The modern, oval-shaped building above is affectionately known as “the gherkin.”
The Lloyd’s of London building, one of the earliest modern structures in “the city,” this was the coolest building in the area in the 80’s when Mark lived in London, and, in his humble opinion, still is. 
Known as “the Monument,” this tower 
commemorates the Great Fire of London in 1666. In the plaque below, the Catholics who refuse to relinquish their “popish frenzy” are blamed for the fire, which Mark’s mom - a cradle Catholic - got a real kick out of when she visited the Monument in the 80’s. 

Leaving the city, we walked over London Bridge, to get an up close and personal look at the modern structure affectionately known as “the shard” (seen below on the left). 

The Shard in and amongst some of the older buildings in this part of London. 
Unfortunately, the observation deck was closed, so this selfie had to suffice. 
A nice shot of the Tower of London from London Bridge. 
After a wander around the Embankment, and some lunch, we made our way back to Liverpool St. station via Tower Bridge. 
Mark trying to make heads or tails of the timetables at Liverpool St. station. We did eventually find our train and make it back to Walthamstow Central. Whew! 

Here are maps of the first day: 


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