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52 Weeks of Anti-Racist Action (#52weeksofantiracistaction)

Week 11 : This week my anti-racist action was to continue to binge Grey’s Anatomy, which has been my go-to show since the pandemic began. This may, at first, seem lame and self-serving, but Grey’s Anatomy is a great example of representation in action. The show consistently features actors of all races, creeds, social and economic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, size, ability, etc. It routinely features actors who do not meet traditional “Hollywood” beauty and attractiveness standards (to be fair, it also features many actors who do). It gives these actors central roles and meaty plot lines rather than just bit parts. It deals often and directly with important and timely issues like police brutality towards and murder of black and brown people, implicit bias and sexual harassment in the workplace and the harmful outcomes that result, dismissive attitudes towards women and people of color in the medical community, etc. It is a show I am proud to suppo