Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote of the Week - April 30. 2012 - No Boundaries

"Love is not a matter of getting connected. It is a matter of seeing that we already ARE connected within an intricate web of relationships that extends throughout all life. It is a realization of 'no boundary' -- that we are all made of the same stuff, riding through time on the same spaceship, faced with the same problems in the world, the same hopes and fears. It is a connection at the core, that makes irrelevant skin color, age, sex, looks or money." --Anodea Judith

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes about love and it has been resonating for me this week as I ponder life, the Universe and everything.

I am obsessed right now with trying to figure it out. "It" being this life, this Universe and everything that surrounds us. How did we get here? Are we alone? What are we to do? What does it all mean? It is unfathomable and frightening, and on some level I know that I will fail because I don't think any true answers are available to us on this plane of existence. If there were, we wouldn't need to be here. (As my friend Cindy says, "If you're here, you still have work to do.")

But the other day I had a vision in meditation that I keep coming back to - and this quote speaks to that vision.

My husband and I have been watching Homeland on Showime, a show about a POW from the war in Iraq (the current one) who is rescued after being held hostage for eight years. While being held he was beaten and tortured in a manner that is hard to imagine, but I was trying. I was trying to imagine it happening to me and I was trying to connect with those around the world to whom it is happening right now.

And what I realized is, I am already connected to them. What I saw in this meditation was all of us on the planet at this moment holding hands on the outside of the Earth like cut-out paper dolls (it looked something like this), each of us connected to one another by each other. So that when you feel suddenly sad or mad or afraid for no apparent reason, what you are feeling may be something happening to someone else halfway around the world. We are that connected to each other. Made of the same stuff. With the same hopes and fears.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free eBook!

"This book really is a beautiful thing. Definitely the best book I've read this year." ~Jackie Stewart

An eFriend of mine - Fiona Robyn, midwife of the Small Stones movement - just published her new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing, and is offering it FREE on Kindle (which also means you can read it for free on your computer or phone) today and tomorrow only.

Please help yourself here. And feel free to pass this offer on to your friends and family - it is open to everyone! (If you prefer real paper books, you can treat yourself here: Amazon US.)

Here are some more great reviews:

"This story kept me awake into the wee small hours, I simply couldn't put it down. I have recommended this book to all my friends and have already given two as gifts." ~Mary McC on
"I loved this book. I will read it many more times." ~Bikerchick on
"Lovely, vivid, capturing. I didn't want to stop reading this once I started. What a wonderful job of capturing the beauty and agony of family!" ~Brandi Trevisan via Goodreads
"Beautifully observed, tender, thoughtful and insightful, this book twists and turns in the way that life does...revealing beauty and dysfunction. This is a memorable book; a truly beautiful thing; a story that stays with you long after you read it. Definitely the best book I've read this year." ~Jackie Stewart

"The hero has a number of psychological traits often associated with Asperger's syndrome, such as social awkwardness, obsession with specific fields of knowledge, and picky eating habits, but these are not pathologized or even diagnosed in the course of the novel. Instead, they simply form part of who he is. They contribute to some -- but not all -- of his weaknesses, and also to his strengths, such as the good job he gets in the British weather service and even more so to the way he never judges others on whether they fit into social norms. I was impressed by the way a woman writer could portray a character so different from herself so well." ~KrisHL on

Monday, April 23, 2012

Quote of the Week - April 23, 2012

"What have you been through in your life that you are uniquely positioned to help others with? The answer to this question is an indicator of your true purpose."
--Life and Abundance Coach Angela Strank

Angela was on my sister's radio show last Friday and during the show she led us in a meditation to aid in finding our true purpose. This was the question she had us ask our higher selves during the meditation. I received some interesting answers and find that the question is sticking with me, it's one of the things I am ruminating on this week. If you want to give the meditation a try, click here.

May you always live on purpose!  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Quote of the Week - April 16, 2012

"May you be filled with lovingkindness; may you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease; and may you be happy." --from a Karen Drucker song, based on the Buddhist practice of lovingkindness

We sang this a few weeks ago at Seattle Unity and I have been humming it to myself ever since. A nice way to practice lovingkindness, you sing this for first for yourself (May I...), then for another (May you...), then for yourself as well as others (May we...) and finally for all (May all...). Add power to the practice by singing for someone you are struggling with right now by name (May X...). It may be hard at first, but soon you will find the going easy and maybe the relationship as well. May you be well!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Quote of the Week - April 9, 2012

"How beautiful it is to do nothing...and then rest afterwards." --Spanish proverb

I am home with a sick kid today and have taken that as a sign to do nothing and then rest afterwards. Despite having a full "To Do" list (with many items having languished on there for weeks) I am taking an unplanned, unexpected "day of rest." I encourage you to do the same sometime soon. How beautiful it is!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Quote of the Week - April 2, 2012

"Only by accepting full responsibility for our own nature – as events and relationships serve to reveal it to us – can we awaken the true compassion we need towards others. Everyone hopes; everyone hurts; everyone needs love and forgiveness. In the end, it's only by being exactly what we are that we can start to see how much we are all the same." --Guy Finley in New Spirit Journal