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It's the Little Things

One of my college roommates always used to say, "It's the little things." In other words, it's the small pleasures of the day that make life worth living. In college this meant receiving actual paper mail (or better yet, a package), concocting new recipes in the dining hall (microwave Rice Krispie Treats with peanut butter anyone?), or hanging out in someone's dorm room all night playing cards. What does it mean to you right now? What small pleasures do you look forward to now that you might have taken for granted in the past? What "little thing" made your day today?

Look for Silver Linings

Looking for silver linings today. What are some of yours?

Embrace the Stillness

Message from The Universe: "Embrace the stillness of this time. Let it surround you, nourish you, embrace you. Drink it in and let it fill you. Stillness can be a great gift. Accept it. Welcome it. Love it."