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An Angel from LA

I happened upon this fellow at the Farmer's Market near our hotel. Apparently the city of angels sponsored a public art project where different artists created different angels, which were then auctioned off for charity. This one found a home at the Farmer's Market. 
I love the idea of angels all around the city and wish I could have seen the whole exhibit. 
Last time I was in LA, my sister and I noticed that the city does indeed seem to be populated by unexpected angels, many of them riding the city bus. 
For more info on this project, see the photo below: 

May angels always travel with you....

Light, Color, Flavor

One of the coolest things we did in LA was visit the Watts Towers, a unique display of public and personal art by Simon Rodia. (If you want to learn more I highly recommend following one of these links.) 
While there I picked up a postcard, which was a photo almost exactly like this one I shot by Marisol Manzano, with the following caption: "I want my life to be full of light, color and flavor."  Me too, Simon, me too!

Let's all....


Light and Love from LA

This lovely lighted heart was part of the decor at the Farmer's Daughter - warmed my heart every time Ipassed by. May it also warm yours. 

She Ain't the Girl You Used to Know

This week, some photos from the "boutique motel" we stayed in while in LA. It is called The Farmer's Daughter and was really a lovely place. 
Kitschy rooms with faux barn flooring and denim bedspreads, huge rubber duckies in the pool and free cookies at the front desk, who could ask for more?
But wait, they also have a Little Free Library and bikes to loan. And they are right across the street from the famous LA Farmer's Market. Highly recommended! 

From the Urban Jungle

Walking along the streets of West LA we encountered a family of giraffes and they somehow softened the day for me. Words that come to mind when I see these giraffes are: gentle, kindness, vision, seeing, loyalty. 
For more on the meaning of the giraffe see these two sites:

Love & Light from LA

Woah, it's been awhile since I posted anything to the blog. According to one of my favorite energy alert sources - - October is a month to reset and reboot so I guess it's all in divine order.
I spent the past few days in LA, visiting my sister and attending the wedding of a lovely couple, so this week and next I'm going to share some inspirational photos from my trip. I hope they will make your world a little lighter, a little brighter as you reset & reboot.
This first photo is the street sign for an organic, vegan cafe called Cafe Gratitude. The original was in San Fran and although I have heard it is now closed, it was the origin of the movie "Let Me Be Frank," which is a great film for anyone interested in transformation. 
We had a lovely meal there and it was the perfect way to kick off a trip that would contain many opportunities for transfor…