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And Yet the Spark Remains

 " ...[B]e not afraid ." --Luke 1:30, Mace New Testament As someone who is "spiritual, but not religious," I don't usually quote the Bible, but this is what the guides want me to tell you today: Be. Not. Afraid. There seems to be so much fear in our world today, but is it really more than we have lived with every day of our lives? Illness, disease and death have always been a part of our world. Death is all around us, especially at this time of the year. The trees have shed their leaves and only the evergreens remain alive to decorate our world. The many colors of life - red, yellow, pink, purple! - have been replaced by only a few: blue, green, white, gray. That sameness can feel like death, like the flatness that sometimes accompanies grief. And yet we know that underneath it all, the colors of life still exist. They wait for the day when yellow fills the sky and shines down on all below, lightening and brightening our world once again.  Some of us may feel fl