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"This book really is a beautiful thing. Definitely the best book I've read this year." ~Jackie Stewart

An eFriend of mine - Fiona Robyn, midwife of the Small Stones movement - just published her new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing, and is offering it FREE on Kindle (which also means you can read it for free on your computer or phone) today and tomorrow only.

Please help yourself here. And feel free to pass this offer on to your friends and family - it is open to everyone! (If you prefer real paper books, you can treat yourself here: Amazon US.)

Here are some more great reviews:

"This story kept me awake into the wee small hours, I simply couldn't put it down. I have recommended this book to all my friends and have already given two as gifts." ~Mary McC on
"I loved this book. I will read it many more times." ~Bikerchick on
"Lovely, vivid, capturing. I didn't want to stop reading this once I started. What a wonderful job of capturing the beauty and agony of family!" ~Brandi Trevisan via Goodreads
"Beautifully observed, tender, thoughtful and insightful, this book twists and turns in the way that life does...revealing beauty and dysfunction. This is a memorable book; a truly beautiful thing; a story that stays with you long after you read it. Definitely the best book I've read this year." ~Jackie Stewart

"The hero has a number of psychological traits often associated with Asperger's syndrome, such as social awkwardness, obsession with specific fields of knowledge, and picky eating habits, but these are not pathologized or even diagnosed in the course of the novel. Instead, they simply form part of who he is. They contribute to some -- but not all -- of his weaknesses, and also to his strengths, such as the good job he gets in the British weather service and even more so to the way he never judges others on whether they fit into social norms. I was impressed by the way a woman writer could portray a character so different from herself so well." ~KrisHL on


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