The Paris Anniversary Marathon Day 2: Miles 6-13.5

Section two of the Paris Marathon is all about the Bois de Vincennes, Paris’ largest park, located in the 12th arrondissement. Rather than try and follow the route exactly, we just wandered around the park for 7 miles then found the closest Metro station and headed home. 

Entrance to the Bois de Vincennes closest to the Port Doree Metro station. This park reminded us a lot of Seattle parks in that it connects to the neighborhood around it via many different streets and entrances and also has a lot of different things happening in the park: lakes, baseball and soccer fields, biking paths, horseback-riding trails, even a Buddhist Temple (which, unfortunately, was closed today). 

Boats available for rent on Lac Daumesnil. 

Temple of Love (on the left) above the grotto of Lac Daumesnil. 

Mark in the grotto. 

Waterfall in the grotto. 

Another view of the lake. 

A Buddhist statue in the park.

This lovely bright green plant covered lots of the streams running throughout the park. 

Finally reached the Chateau de Vincennes right around 7 miles. It was open for tours, but we were wiped out, so put that on our list for next time. 

The Chateau is known for two things: its chapel (above) featuring “flamboyant gothic architecture” and its keep (below), the tallest in Europe. 

Two exhausted travelers, headed for home. 

Map of the walk: 

BONUS: We spent the rest of the afternoon watching and listening to Paris’ Pride Parade, which crossed right outside our windows for the rest of the afternoon. 


  1. OMG Lara Lou. C'est magnifique! I miss you and cannot wait to hear all about this in person. Love you and enjoy your amazing journey! XOXOXOXOX

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