The London Anniversary Marathon Day 4: Miles 23.2-26.2

With only 3 miles to go today, we were feeling good, so we took a short detour to ride the new Elizabeth Line from St. Pancras to Farringdon and then onto Green Park. 

The only other place we saw full barriers was at the Westminster tube station (the one closest to Parliament), but all of the Elizabeth line stations seemed to have them. That and AC! 

Back to Green Park for Day 4. 

A quick stop at Buckingham Palace, where we just happened upon the changing of the guard. 

The changing of the guard at Buck Palace. 

The Mall that leads to - or in this case away from - Buckingham Palace. 

Trafalgar Square. 

Piccadilly Circus - London’s Times Square. 

London’s China Town. Sadly Lee Ho Fook’s no longer exists, but on the plus side, we spotted no werewolves. However, Mark does claim to have seen a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vick’s. 

Covent Garden. Where we hit 26.2 miles and turned off the Garmin. Mission #1 accomplished. 

To celebrate, we had afternoon tea in the lobby of our hotel….

Then went for a visit with the big guy….

Ending the day with drinks on the terrace at the Houses of Parliament with our favorite Labour MP. (Also, the only one we know.) 

Map of the Day: 


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