The London Anniversary Marathon Day 3: Miles 18-23.2

Taking what we learned on Day 2 with us into Day 3, we got a slower start this morning and took things a bit easier - only 6 miles (plus that pesky 0.2) walked today. Starting at our hotel, we made our way towards “the flat” in the City of Westminster where Mark lived from 1991-1994. Happening upon a few things along the way…

This is either the Houston Church or the Euston Church, two churches right next door to each other that look confusingly similar. At first we thought “Houston” was a typo for Euston, but nope, there are two of them. If you know which one this is, let us know. 

The Telecom Tower. 

The flat in New Cavendish St where Mark once lived thanks to Sister Christine. 
Turns out Mark is not the only VIP to have lived in the flat. Wilkie Collins, father of the police procedural, was born here in 1824. 

Dry British wit on display at the local coffee house. 

A thumb drive of tech bros (our made-up collective pronoun of the day - to see more fabulous collective pronouns, click here).

The Marble Arch. 

Hyde Park, though not the corner. 

The Albert Memorial. He must have been quite a guy because his memorial is fit for a Buddha. 

The Albert Hall, where Lara saw Billy Joel in concert in 1990. Still a highlight of her year abroad. 

The Wellington Arch, also known as Green Park Arch, with Nike atop was our end point for today. 

After a day of walking, Mark’s old gang met us at the Betjeman Arms pub at St. Pancras for dinner and drinks. Day 3 in the books. 


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