Our first class was AWESOME. We have a great group of women writers - ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties - all with similar goals and aspirations TO WRITE THEIR LIVES. Would love to have you join us next week!

Here's what you missed:

  1. For a bit of inspiration we read Dear Sugar's column "Write Like a Motherfucker."
  2. Then we each wrote our own "Dear Sugar" letter, to Sugar or our favorite advice columnist, about what we felt was the main thing holding us back right now or what we needed advice on to move forward in our lives. 
  3. After a five minute head-clearing meditation "break," we came back to our journals, put on our advice columnist caps and wrote back to ourselves with some objective, kind and compassionate advice. 
  • Write like a MOTHERFUCKER
  • Try and Take Your Own Advice
We will meet again on Friday, October 28th at 10:15 at Mosaic Coffee House. Please join us if you can!


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