In today's session we worked on bringing more presence to our lives and to our writing.

Class began with a ten minute full body meditation. Taking a few deep breaths and then bringing awareness to each part of our body, starting with our toes. Feeling into each part of our bodies, feeling its structures, its movements, its energy.

After the meditation we began to explore the concept of small stones. This exercise was created by Fiona Robyn a writer in England whose website is called Writing Our Way Home.  A small stone is "a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment." Writing small stones can help us be more present to our lives and to our writing.

We read some examples of small stones from Fiona's small stones blog, her blogzine a handful of stones, as well as from my own small stones blog pebbles are small stones. Then we went out and wrote small stones of our own for 30-35 minutes before coming back together to share our experiences.

  •  Be present to your life this week. Think of some ways you can do that. How does being present look for you? What helps you to be in that space? Is it meditation? Is it breathing? Is it writing?
  • Write at least one small stone every day. It can be short or long, perfect or half-assed. Just write one!


  1. Love the sound of this exercise, thanks for spreading the small stones word! We have a free 7-day 'experience' here for anyone who wants to write more small stones... http://bit.ly/pD7wWm Enjoy!


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