Mindful Writing Day & FREE BOOK

"When you notice something clearly and see it vividly, it becomes sacred." --Allan Ginsberg

Today is the first-ever Mindful Writing Day, a day set aside to slow down, pay attention, and write about what you observe in those moments of stillness. Won't you join us? 

For more information, follow the link above or go to Writing Our Way Home.

Today is also free download day at Amazon.com of the new small stones anthology, "A Blackbird Sings: a book of short poems." So hop on over to Amazon and grab your free copy. Write a rave review - and your own small stone - and have it published on the small stones blogzine, A Handful of Stones. Then sit back, relax and enjoy that feeling that comes from being more mindful, more connected to your world.

Here is my small stone for the day:


a steaming mug of tea
i wait.
i wait.
i wait....
a splash of cream
a sip
i taste-
a good read in a comfy leather chair
a roaring fire on a rainy day
a long afternoon nap in which time stops


Read more at pebbles are small stones.

Have a sacred day!


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