Wisdom from Tom Spanbauer (He'll be here all week!)

"Miracles are out there somewhere. You just got to find them." --Tom Spanbauer, from his book Now Is The Hour

Sometimes a book is just a book, and sometimes it's a miracle.

This book - Now Is The Hour - feels like a miracle to me. It has been such a long time since I read a book that made me feel like this. Like the author has understood something about life that has not been understood before. (At least not for me. )

What this book understands - and explores - is the ways in which we are not only not allowed to BE who we are, but the ways in which we are not even allowed to KNOW who we are.
It happens to all of us, not just closeted gay men growing up in rural Idaho. We are all shaped by where we are born and when we are born and to whom we are born. Sometimes this is a perfect fit, but more often than not, it is not and we all have to discover, for ourselves, who we really are.

In a way I think that is the miracle we are all searching for, the chance to KNOW ourselves fully, even if who we are isn't someone we could even imagine when we were young.


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