Many Voices, Many Rooms: Week 3

Highlight of the Week

The highlight this week is a podcast called "The Nod," dedicated to "telling the stories of Black life that don't get told anywhere else." Hosted by Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, this podcast is sometimes funny, sometimes challenging, and always entertaining and educational. Some of my favorite episodes are: "One-On-One," in which a young woman tells the story of how she reinvents her relationship with her dad after she stops playing basketball; "Rapper's Dismay" tells the story of a fifteen year old boy who uses argumentative writing to shine a light on redlining and oppression in his community (during my student teaching I used this episode with my students and they were rapt); and any episode featuring the game "Six Degrees of Black Separation." Maybe the most stirring episode I listened to was, "I am a White Woman," a review of the movie "White Chicks." Uncomfortable and important, I still think about this episode A LOT.

Other Highlights

The Netflix reboot of "Tales of the City" - Like many people I read - and loved - the original books, so I was a bit worried about this "return to Barbary Lane" twenty-five years later, but I think it is a fitting tribute to these beloved characters and the final episode had me in tears, which is always a good sign.

"The Geography Club" by Brent Hartinger - A YA novel about a high school boy who begins the process of coming out when he meets a popular jock in a gay chat room. A great novel to keep in your classroom or on your family bookshelf, it handles the issue of being gay in high school with both honesty and care. The first in a series, this book has also been made into a movie.


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