Many Voices, Many Rooms: Week 4

Highlight of the Week

This week’s highlight is the podcast “Tell Them, I AM,” which is about "the small moments that define who we are and who we are not" featuring all Muslim voices. My favorite is still the very first one I listened to, a story by Akbar Ahmed about a train journey that changed his life. The host, Misha Euceph, starts each episode with an anecdote from her own life and then lets her guests take it from there. Notable guests include Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Iqbal Theba (Glee and Community), and Tan France (Queer Eye), but some of the best stories are from people I had never heard of. Simply lovely. 
Other Highlights

"Late Night" - written by and staring Mindy Kaling (The Office and The Mindy Project), and directed by Nisha Ganatra, Late Night deals directly, but also gently and with humor, with issues of racism, sexism and discrimination in the writers' room of a late night television show. describes it as, "an earnest and funny comedy, with very sharp teeth" and I would have to agree. It's not perfect, but it made me laugh and is the kind of movie I'd like to see more of - one that reflects diverse voices.

I'm still working on my book for this week so stay tuned for next week's post.....


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