WRITE YOUR LIFE this summer!

"Ask and you SHALL receive." --From Voice of Choices Jan 2006 (paraphrasing Matthew 7:7 from The Bible)

For months I have been saying to myself, "I should submit a proposal to teach WRITE YOUR LIFE at East West Books (a local New Age bookstore)." And for months I have done NOTHING about it.

Last week I was having my weekly check-in with my sister and I asked for her intuitive hit on this. Was it not happening because it just wasn't meant to be, or was I sabotaging myself because I was scared of it?

She said that she was getting the latter and that perhaps I should ask my ego to step aside and let me do this thing I said I wanted to do.

The next day I decided this was it, I was going to submit the proposal and go for it.

Luckily they make it super-duper easy to do online and within 30 minutes I had sent the proposal off and given it to The Universe to decide what happened next.

Twenty-four hours later I got an offer to teach an abbreviated version of my class (two days instead of five) this summer! Woah! I guess that was a big old YES from the Universe.

So, if you missed WRITE YOUR LIFE last time or want to brush up on your writing and manifesting skills, please join me on two Wednesdays in August (8/15 and 8/22) at East West Books. The class will run from 7:00 - 8:30 and will cover the following topics: Advice to Myself, Releasing Your Story, Being Present to Your Life, The Right to Write and Write Your Life! Cost is $12 per class. Hope to see you there!


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