Quote of the Week - June 25, 2012 - Things Will Look Better in the Morning

"Tomorrow's another day. Sometimes that's your only consolation when today's not so good. Things can look different after a good night's sleep, or just 24 hours' passage of time. It'd be great if you could turn things around right this second, but that's just not always possible; when it's not, the best thing to do is just remember that everything changes. Stop railing against the lameness of the moment, and simply concentrate on getting through it. Bide your time. Notice the small little things that are still sweet, instead of the one big sour thing…and wait." --Caeriel Crestin from Sign Language

According to my mom my paternal grandmother always used to say, "Things will look better in the morning." Apparently the Universe agrees.

Things are not going to plan around our house right now and the Divine gift or purpose of it all is alluding me. There is a part of me that is pushing against "the way things are" hoping to find "the way I would like things to be" buried underneath.

The more I travel along the path of the spirit, however, the more I begin to suspect that what is really underneath "the way things are" is "the way I really don't want things to be."

The more I push and try to force my life to look the way I want it to look, the worse things go. The more I let go and just allow things to be as they are the better off I am. I am convinced that pushing the Universe to do it my way leads to missed connections, opportunities and chances to learn and grow.

So I am biding my time today. Trying to notice what is sweet. And waiting....Things will look better in the morning. 


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