Wisdom from the Road

"Stay calm, nothing is under control." --Lynnet McKenzie

The theme of the month has been "Wisdom from the Road" - quotes gathered on our family road trip this summer. Today's quote is wisdom from someone else's road trip.

Lynnet McKenzie is the founder of "Opening to Ecstasy," She recently left her home and most of her possessions behind to take off in search of the unknown. Just her, her partner, her son, their dog and a mini-van on the road, looking for their next Divine Assignment.

The lessons have been many, but this is one that resonated with me.

How often we strive to get things "under control" only to realize that this is not always possible, not always within our power. Yet, we struggle and fight to try and make it so.

This is the true wisdom of the road. We are not in control. If we can stay calm in the wake of that realization, we can come to understand that The Universe that is wants nothing but what is truly for our highest and best good and wants nothing more than to bring us all the good we didn't even know that we wanted.

Stay calm, nothing is under control. 


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