Wow! What a great group of writers - 21 in all! - showed up on Wednesday to write their lives at East West Bookshop. I enjoyed getting to know you all and hearing about the role writing plays in your lives and where you would like to go from here.

If you couldn't make the first session, here's what you missed:

  1. For a bit of inspiration we read Dear Sugar's column "Write Like a Motherfucker."
  2. Then we each wrote our own "Dear Sugar" letter, to Sugar or our favorite advice columnist, about what we felt was the main thing holding us back right now or what we needed advice on to move forward in our lives.
  3. After a time of sharing, we came back to our journals, put on our advice columnist caps and wrote back to ourselves with some objective, kind and compassionate advice. (ADVICE TO MYSELF)
  4. Putting our advice columnist hats away, we shifted focus to Part Two of our mini-session: RELEASING YOUR STORY. In this section of class, we focus on letting go of past hurts so that we can truly write our lives from a place of strength and freedom. To do this we use the technology of Radical Forgiveness as taught by Colin Tipping
  5. To get started, we read The Five Stages of Radical Forgiveness. Then I introduced the homework exercise, called The Three Letters Process. After a somewhat lively discussion on forgiveness, I asked everyone to think of the person they most need to forgive right now in order to make space for the life they want to live. THIS is the person to use when doing the homework this week.

  • Write like a MOTHERFUCKER
  • Try and Take Your Own Advice
  • Do the Three Letters Process with the person you have chosen to forgive.  

We will meet again next week on Wednesday, August 22nd at 7:00 PM at East West Bookshop. See you then!


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