Stay Present, or Get Burned!

"When one is rising, standing, walking, doing something, stopping, one should constantly concentrate one's mind on the act and the doing of it. " --Aśvaghoṣa

I burned the sausages again today.

It's the second time this week that I've burned the sausages because I wasn't paying attention.

Here's my morning routine:

I get up, take the dog for a walk, wake the kids for the first time and then start breakfast. My kids do better with a bit of protein in the morning, so I try to make bacon or sausage or eggs for them most mornings.

I throw some meat in a pan and then I feed the dog, set the table, make lunches, wake the kids a second time and check the sausages

But sometimes I get....distracted.

Usually by my email.

"I'll just check it 'real quick'," I say to myself. And the next thing I know the fire alarm is going off and breakfast is ruined.

The thing is, I know this.

I know that the secret to life is to stay present. It makes life easier. It saves a lot of heartache. And sausages.

But still I forget. Or I go un-present in spite of knowing. And when I do, I always get burned.

So, "Thanks Universe," for another reminder to stay present. And the dog thanks you for the sausages :)


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