Some Thoughts on Success from NYC (And a real celebrity citing!)

 Aside from (a photo of) Tony Danza at the top of the Empire State Building, I thought we would be leaving New York without a true celebrity citing, but while sitting at Gate 9 in Terminal 5 at JFK waiting for our flight to be called, we saw a young man surrounded by paparazzi and soon learned that he was none other than Phillip Phillips (in red plaid).

What struck me about him was how young and how average he looked. He was no one you would expect to be followed by a crowd of people all documenting his every move. And it occurred to me just how random celebrity is. Not that he isn't talented. He is. Probably very talented. But he's also just a person. Like all of us.

And, like him, we are all talented, each in our own way. Some of us in ways that are quiet and go mostly unnoticed, others of us in ways that are loud and can't help but be seen and heard by all of the world.

Whatever your talents, may they be noticed and appreciated. And as you move about the world, notice the talents of others and appreciate them, if only quietly and to yourself.

Remember, as you live and work in relative obscurity as most of us do, that this is not a condemnation by the Universe on your worth, but simply the way things are right now.
"True success originates within, independent of external circumstances."
--David R Hawkins   


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