Wednesday night we ended this session of WRITE YOUR YEAR. I am so grateful for the group of writers who joined me for this session to do their inner work and write their year for themselves.

Here's what we did in the last session:


This meditation is based on the White Stone Ceremony which is held every year at Seattle Unity and other Unity churches in the United States.

In Jesus' time a white stone was given to prisoners when they were to be released. It was a "get out of jail free" card, a new start, a clean slate. In the same way, every new year is a clean slate for each of us. A chance to create a new life for ourselves.

We each chose a white stone, then moved into meditation, asking Spirit to give us a word that defined our purpose for this year. As we sat and breathed into our hearts, we were given our word for the year, which we then wrote on our white stone.

"Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it...You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings.” --Liz Gilbert, “Eat, Pray,Love

"We are living in a dynamic, intelligent Field capable of instantaneous response to each one of us. (It may help to read that statement again.) Instead of living in a gigantic machine in which we are only a tiny cog, we have the opportunity to recognize and identify ourselves as something much more significant – something that the awesome and intelligent creative force that has created the plant kingdom, weather, human beings, this planet, and galaxies beyond, responds to.” --John Nicholl

Taking the phrase “I am so happy and grateful that I am living a life that...” write your year. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to become? How do you want to live this year? Write it all down. Don't censor or limit yourself. Write full out. WRITE YOUR YEAR!


Claim the power of acting “as if.” “IF I believed it were possible, what step would I take next?” Take that first next step this week!

Keep your manifestation writing close at hand as you move through the year. Look back at it from time to time and ask yourself – am I on track? Have my intentions changed? What step can I take right now to live this life? Use it as a guide.

Send energy to your intentions and the intentions of all of us who have participated in this class.

"...[T]here is no greater gift to give another than to hold for them a vision of their highest potential." --Kimberlee Gorgo

Thanks to all who joined me in this class. May your year be the best yet!


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