Wisdom from the Banyan Tree

"Have the courage to be where you are." --The Universe

Sometimes it takes all the courage we have to move forward; and sometimes, it takes even more courage to just stand still and be where we are.

When we have a job, all we want is a little time off. When unemployed, we just want a job and can't stand all the free and unscheduled time we have been given. When we have a relationship we often long for something new and exciting. When we are alone, all we want is someone to snuggle on the couch with and watch TV.

The hardest thing to do is to embrace what is, to live in the now, to be where you are.

This tree is a 140 year-old Banyan Tree that stands in the town square in Lahainia, Maui, HI and it is my new symbol for this kind of courage. For 140 years it has stood still, providing shade and a place to sit, climb and explore for all who walk beneath it. It never wishes it were somewhere else or tries to walk away, and yet, it never stops growing. Expanding its roots and putting out new shoots that become new, smaller trees just a few feet away.

It has the courage to be exactly where it is.


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