Wisdom from Radhika Chough

"Don't compare someone else's middle with your beginning."--Radhika Chugh

Following on from Tuesday's quote about having the courage to be where you are, we have this from Radhika Chugh, my newest internet angel, from her weekly reading on Youtube.

Sometimes being where you are means starting something new and that can be SCARY. Especially if it is something you haven't ever done before, or haven't done in awhile.

Comparison can be our worst enemy at times like these because we tend to judge ourselves harshly and often find ourselves coming up short.

Just as these three spindly palm trees don't look like much when compared to the 140 year old Banyan tree from the other day, we can feel weak, inferior and a little bit funny-looking when we compare ourselves to someone else.

So, if you are starting something new this week, resist the urge to compare your beginning to someone else's middle, or even to their beginning.

You are exactly where YOU need to be right now, doing exactly what YOU need to be doing right now, in exactly the way YOU need to be doing it. Way to go you!


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