"It is the curse of the writer, Maisie: I am both annoyed and relieved upon being interrupted. I can spend much time cleaning the keys on my typewriter or rinsing the bin and barrel of my fountain pen - in fact anything that constitutes a writer's work without actually stringing two words together." --Georgina in "Messenger of Truth"

Coming off of a holiday weekend is always hard, plus I had a sick kid at home so things were a bit shaky from the get-go, but "20 minutes of meditation" was my number one priority today and I

First I had to get kid #1 breakfasted and off to school. Then I had to try and salvage the rotting bananas by making some emergency banana bread. Then walk the dog. Then clean up the kitchen.

Next I rushed off to do the grocery shopping before all the elementary and preschool moms dropped their kids off and flooded the store.

When I got home I had to put away the groceries and get kid #2 (and myself) breakfast. And then clean up the kitchen AGAIN.

After that I needed a rest so I sat with a cup of tea and a book for a few minutes.

Ah, the laundry, I forgot! I put in a load and folded the load that was in the dryer. And put it away.

Shoot! I forgot to buy potatoes for dinner tonight and I didn't get any cash. Back out to the store and the bank.

Got home just in time to greet kid #1 and his three friends. Threw them some snacks then made lunch for kid #2 (and myself). Cleaned up the kitchen AGAIN.

Time for another cup of tea and some mindless Facebook surfing.

Doorbell. Someone picking up a kid. Chat for awhile. Walk the dog again.

When I looked at the clock it was already 4:24pm. I needed to put the potatoes in at 5:00, which meant I had twenty-one minutes until I needed to start prepping.

Twenty-one minutes. Just enough time to sit and meditate. And so I (finally) did.

[I love this quote and I love that I went in search of a quote about procrastination in general and what came up was a quotation about procrastination relative to writing. I have been procrastinating A LOT of things today.] 


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