Inspire-ME Monday #7: Harmonizing "Yes" and "No"

"Stress is when your mind says NO, but your mouth says YES."The Wallingford Sign

"Give yourself permission to say 'No.' Reclaim the power of 'No' without guilt. It’s a beautiful thing - for you, for the other person and for the relationship. It offers everyone involved the gift of self responsibility. When you have clear reasons and a clear strategy for saying 'No' it becomes a very positive and empowering experience." --Ian Lawton on

"You have the right to say NO."        --The Universe to ME

"The time to say yes is when both your head and your heart freely say yes." --Frank Andrews PhD in his book "The Art and Practice of Loving" 

"...[T]he word 'no' should be the 'end of the discussion, not the beginning of a negotiation.'" --Amy Poehler quoting from Gavin de Becker's book “The Gift of Fear” in her book "Yes Please!"

"Yes without No is appeasement, whereas No without Yes is war. Yes without No destroys one’s own satisfaction, whereas No without Yes destroys one’s relationship with others. We need both Yes and No together. For Yes is the key word of community, No the key word of individuality. Yes is the key word of connection, No the key word of protection. Yes is the key word of peace, No the key word of justice. The great art is to learn to integrate the two—to marry Yes and No. That is the secret to standing up for yourself and what you need without destroying valuable agreements and precious relationships.” --William Ury from "The Power of a Positive No"

 "Saying NO can be the ultimate self-care." --Claudia Black

"Unless someone truly has the power to say no, they never truly have the power to say yes." --Dan Millman in "Way of the Peaceful Warrior"

"Once we know how to harmonize between Yes and No, everything is solved." --Tsoknyi Rinpoche speaking at Nalanda West


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