Writer or Blogger? THAT is the question

Before I took my summer hiatus (which, by the way, lasted longer than I expected, having promised to return in August, sorry about that) I wrote about listening to yourself and for the past few weeks, the phrase "Do you want to be a WRITER or a BLOGGER?" has been staring at me every time I sit down at my desk. This phrase came to me as I was working on Monday's post, "Harmonizing Yes and No," which I started before the hiatus.

This post was to be a continuation of the listening to yourself theme, specifically addressing the difficulties involved in saying YES or saying NO in specific situations. But what keeps coming up for me as I think about starting to write again is this question: "Do I want to be a WRITER or a BLOGGER?" And the answer for me is clear: WRITER. No question.

Conventional wisdom says that these days ("these days" being the days of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and now Snapchat. Actual serious ADULTS are on Snapchat now. Did you know that?) you kind of have to be both, but I am not sure that is possible for me. I spent most of last year writing a book and I have spent most of this year blogging and trying to beef up my social media presence.

Of course while writing my book I did a bit of blogging, and while blogging I have done a bit of writing, but before my hiatus I was not making the progress I wanted to be making on my second book while also blogging twice a week. So it is time for me to get my YES'S and my NO'S in order. To say YES to more writing, and NO to more blogging, and NO to those who would tell me that this is a mistake. 

It may be a mistake for them, but it is not a mistake for me and I know because the Universe told me so. 

So Monday September 19th was the last regularly scheduled Inspire-Me Monday and this post the first of my new blogging schedule, which is to say, I will blog whenever I have time and have something to say or just feel like writing a blog post. 

Otherwise I will be working on my next book (teaser: It's about KINDNESS) and reading great books and collecting inspirational quotes to share with you and just generally living my life. 

I will still be posting stuff on my Facebook Community Page (Being and Becoming) for now and I will still tweet information about my writing and this blog on Twitter (@be_and_become), but I will be posting and tweeting a lot less. If you would like to stay in touch please like my Facebook Community Page or SIGN UP to receive posts via email in the right-hand margin of this blog. 

In the meantime listen to yourself: say "YES!" (with an exclamation point) to that which serves your highest good and "NO." (with a period) to anything that doesn't. 

Lots of love and Happy Fall!


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