Announcing Two New Meditation Groups!

"When in doubt MEDITATE." --Monk who taught a meditation class I attended at Whistler many years ago

Good Morning One and All! Today I would like to let you know about two new meditation Meetup groups I am starting this fall. If you are interested in meeting with others to meditate as we approach the dark days of winter, please join us! 

The first is a Violet Flame Meditation Group. I have talked about the Violet Flame Meditation before on this blog (see post here), but briefly, the Violet Flame Meditation was gifted to the world by Ascended Master Saint Germain for the purpose of transmuting negative energies. We will be meeting bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings (7:00 PM Pacific Time) to practice this meditation and to support each other in releasing any negativity we are experiencing in our lives. For more information or to join our Meetup Group, please click here.

The second group is the Being & Becoming Women's Meditation Circle and will also meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM Pacific Time on weeks when the Violet Flame Meditation group is not meeting. This group will follow the basic flow of a peace-making circle, with a meditation at its center, and will allow for sharing and connecting around meditation and spiritual practice. For more information or or join our Meetup group, please click here.

If you would like more information, please send me a message through Meetup.


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