Another 10 Days

"If there is no peace in the can there be peace in the world?" --S.N. Goenka

Last year at about this time I went on my first 10-day silent meditation retreat at the NW Vipassana Center. When I came back, I knew I wanted to go again. And that time has come.

I leave today for another ten days.

Last year I was a bit nervous and unsure. This time, I am excited. I know what to expect and what will be expected of me. And I am ready.

I can't wait to sit in meditation for most of my waking hours. To walk in silence for all of them. And to be free from the constant barrage of mind-thoughts that I am subject to each day.

I look forward to oatmeal and stewed fruit for breakfast every day. To the delicious vegetarian lunch. And nothing but a cup of tea for dinner.

I know that there will be new things too. New ideas. New discomforts. New fears. I look forward to these as well.

While I am gone I will be posting one meditation quote every day to inspire your practice. I hope you will enjoy these words of wisdom.

I'll see you on the other side.


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