Write Your Life! - May 2016 - Week 2: KNOWING

"We all have a better guide in ourselves, 
if we would attend to it, 
than any other person can be." 

The theme for week two is KNOWING. This week is all about INTUITION and how to tap into yours. Making time for meditation and just BEING is a big part of that so I hope you will continue your work from last week and make time every day this week to just BE. 

If you would like to start to play with your intuition, try out the exercise below. For this exercise you will need your journal (or a couple of sheets of paper), a pen and a comfortable place to sit and write.

Start with at least five minutes of just BEING. Then take three deep breaths. IN...and OUT....IN...and OUT...IN...and OUT....  
Ground yourself by placing your feet firmly on the floor. Sit up straight, resting your torso and head evenly on your sitting bones. Take another deep breath.
Bring to mind the biggest challenge or problem in your life right now. What are you struggling with? What question seemingly has no answer? Write a brief description of your problem at the top of the page. 
Take another deep breath and, as you do, start to access your inner voice. This can mean locating it in your body or engaging it in conversation. Maybe start by just saying "Hello." 
If you can't locate it or hear it, that's okay, just know that it is there and engage with it in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. 
Sit with this inner voice for a few minutes, just getting to know it. Where is it? What is it like? Do you hear it or feel it? Does it speak to you in pictures, words, feelings or impressions? 
Once you feel like you have a sense of your inner voice, return to the page and start writing a solution (or solutions) to your problem from the perspective of this inner voice. 
Write down everything that comes to you. Don't edit or sensor or judge. You are simply here to take dictation.
Often what comes out first will be junk - "I can't do this." "This is ridiculous." "I am too busy for this." - whatever your negative mind thoughts, get them all out and then just let them go. 
Soon you should enter a space of non-thinking, of just intuiting. Write everything that comes to you. Get it all down. When you feel complete, stop writing and set your journal aside for the rest of the day. 
Tomorrow, or whenever you feel ready, read over what you have written and see how it feels to you. Did you come up with some good ideas? Do they seem a bit out there or very different from how you would normally approach a problem like this? Are they a bit scary and outside of your comfort zone? 
Take baby steps this week and start to try out your suggestions. How do things go? Better than usual or about the same? 
As you go about your life this week watch for signs that you are on the right track. You may hear a song, read a quote or run into someone, and be reminded of what you wrote. Let this be a sign that you are in the flow of your intuition and that you are on the right track. 
Have a great week. Please let me know how this works for you and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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