Write Your Life! - May 2016 - Week 4: BECOMING - Wisdom from RUMI

"Everyone has been made 
for some particular work, 
and the desire for that work 
has been put in every heart." 

MEDITATION: In the Center of Your Heart

The following is a simple meditation that will allow you to start to discover what is in your own heart. What work? What desires? What hidden talents or passions? 

For this meditation you will need a meditation timer and about twenty-five minutes of uninterrupted time. Set the timer for twenty-one minutes, or the longest amount of time you feel comfortable with.  
Start by taking three deep breaths. 
Now shift your attention to the center of your chest, to your heart chakra. Begin to breathe from this place. Breathe IN through your heart chakra; breathe OUT through your heart chakra. 
Allow your chest to expand and contract as you breathe. Notice any feelings or sensations that arise. What desires are in your heart space? What does your heart yearn for? (MORE what?) What makes your heart sing and soar? 
Continue to breathe from your heart chakra for the remainder of the time, listening to your heart. 

~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~



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