Write Your Life! - May 2016 - Week 3: RELEASING

"It is not what we carry with us, but what we let go that defines us."
--Charlie Crews, "Life," S2 E9

The focus for this week (Week 3) is on RELEASING. 

Releasing can take many forms: letting go of something that is not working, moving on from a relationship that no longer feeds us, forgiving someone who has hurt us, detoxifying our bodies and minds from that which we consume that somehow damages us, etc. 

One of my favorite tools for releasing is The Violet Flame Meditation. If you are a long-time reader you have almost surely heard me talk about this before. It is one of my favorite tools for forgiveness and is also great for RELEASING. In fact, I have a whole page on my website devoted to it. If you would like to learn more about this meditation, I encourage you to check it out. 

Or, if you just want to give it a try, follow the instructions below: 

Think of one thing that you would like to work on releasing and use the Violet Flame to help facilitate its release. If you would prefer to listen to the meditation, click here for a recorded version.  (The recorded version is slightly different from the version included here.) 

Start by taking three deep breaths. Bring to mind the thing that you would like to release. 

Imagine that you are holding three pieces of paper in your hands.  In your mind, write on these pieces of paper that which you would like to release. Set them aside.

Using flat stones, build an imaginary base on which to start a fire. Start with one stone in the middle and build out, one stone at a time in a circular pattern, creating a circle of stones about three feet in diameter. 

Now imagine crumpling up each of the three pieces of paper on which you "wrote" the thing you would like to release, and place the three balls of paper in the center of the stone base.

In your mind gather a handful of twigs, three medium-sized sticks, and three small logs. Place the twigs on top of the balls of paper. Then take the three sticks and prop them up on the base, over the twigs, in the form of a triangle or a tepee. Take the three small logs and position them on the outside of the three sticks in the same formation.

Ask Saint Germain to come forward and hand you some matches. Take the matches and offer him your thanks. Strike a match and light the fire with the violet flame. Watch as it burns away all of your stress, your attachments, grievances, and hurts.

As the fire builds in your mind, step into the fire and allow it to burn away any negative energy you are holding in your body or in your aura. Release all negative emotions, negative thought patterns, and negative energies past and present that are currently effecting you. Stand in the fire until you feel clean.

If you are using the Violet Flame Meditation to forgive someone, imagine that person standing next to you. Stand up and take their hand. Ask them to step into the fire with you.  If they agree, step into the fire. [If they do not agree, step into the fire yourself and let them watch or walk away. The meditation will be effective either way.]

When you feel complete, step out of the fire and give thanks to God and St Germain for this meditation.

If you have any questions about the meditation (or anything else), feel free to comment below and I will respond. Or find me on my Facebook community, Being & Becoming. Don't hesitate to contact me - I love questions! 

And don't forget to enter your email address in the box to your right -------> to receive posts via email. This is especially nice for the inspirational quotes that will be posted throughout this week. These daily reminders to focus on RELEASING can really help. 


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