Happy Solstice and 28 Days of Stillness

Today was supposed to be the day my next book, "28 Days of Stillness," came out. However, based on some feedback I have gotten, it just isn't done. While "finishing" it, I had the feeling that it needed something more, but I wanted to be "done," and so I didn't listen. I pushed. I rushed. And now I need to take a step back, reassess, and start again.

A moment of stillness
This time of year is good for that. Winter
can feel so hard - the cold, the dark, the wet - but it can also be an opportunity, an invitation, to go within, to pause, and to find stillness.

I cannot offer you a new book today, but I can offer you this: an invitation. Spend some time today (the shortest of the year), in stillness. Allow what wants to be felt time to be felt. Allow what wants to come up, to come up. And allow what wants to be let go, to go.

Breathe. Trust. Allow. Stillness is perfect for this.  


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