Slow Down

 "Do less, enjoy it more.
--The Universe

It seems like everywhere I go in Seattle these days, I see one of these signs. SLOW. It has happened three times today and it isn't even noon.

My first inclination was to be annoyed. WHY are "they" (some anonymous they, probably the government) doing all of this road maintenance during the holiday season when "we" (all the rest of us who are not the government) are all trying to get sh** done?

But yesterday, while complaining silently to myself, another voice chimed in, Maybe it's not a hindrance, but a reminder...

A reminder to slow down, to take it easy, to enjoy.

A few years ago during "the holidays," I was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Instead of pushing myself, I decided to lie down and meditate for a few minutes. As I lay there breathing, The Universe sent me this little piece of wisdom, "Do less, enjoy it more."

Do less, enjoy it more. This became my motto for that holiday season and I am reminded of it at some point every year. Yesterday was my reminder.

Slow down. Don't over-schedule. Let some things go. (The word "should" can be your guide here. Anything you feel you "should" do for the holidays, but don't really want to do, may be nudging you to let go.) Do only that which brings you joy. Even for someone else.

My younger son and I have been decorating the house this week and last night we were down to the final task: putting the ornaments on the tree. Having wrangled the lights earlier in the day, I was in favor of no ornaments this year. The tree looked beautiful as it was. I broached this idea with our decorating guru.

"Ummmm...." He wasn't sure.

"Okay," I said, "I'll do it if you agree to help me put them away."

"But that's the worst part," he replied.

"I know," I said with a smile.

He paused. Thinking...."How about if we just put our favorites on the tree this year?" he suggested.

And that's what we did.

The tree looks beautiful and full (I'm not sure HOW we would have gotten all of the ornaments we have on the tree anyway.....) and - Oh joy! - we have HALF as many ornaments to take down in January.

May your holiday season be lovely this year and may you find ways to do less, and enjoy it more.



  1. Great post and reminder to slow down. Thank you, Lara!

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