Wisdom from My Son's iTouch

"be awesome. now!" --my younger son's iTouch

A few weeks ago we finally bought our kids iTouches. I was not sure that this was a good idea, but they had been asking for months (if not years) and finally for the older one's birthday, I gave in. 

Last week I was sitting on the couch doing my morning meditation when my younger son's iTouch went off. I wasn't sure what it was (his alarm sound is Chewbacca growling) so I opened my eyes and looked around briefly.

His iTouch was sitting on the end table right next to me and I could see that a reminder had come up for him. It read: be awesome. now!

My heart melted.

So often I can see my bad parenting in them so clearly. When they struggle with anger. When they give into hopelessness. When they rail against someone's unjust behavior instead of finding compassion.

But there are also moments when I know I am having an influence on them that is positive and this was one of those moments.

This is totally something I would do. Something I do.

My refrigerator is filled with reminders to myself to BE KIND, SPREAD LOVE, SHOW COMPASSION.

I don't always live up to my reminders, but I think they help. Wait, no. I KNOW they have helped. And I am so happy that my son is learning to remind himself to be his best self. Right now.

May you be awesome this week. now!


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