Wisdom from The Good Life

"Whatever the circumstances, it is better to love, create and construct than to hate, undermine and destroy." --Helen & Scott Nearing, The Good Life

This book was a Christmas present and I finished reading it back in January, but didn't make the time to "collect" the quotes from it until a few days ago. I almost didn't. Two months on I wondered if what struck me back in January was even relevant today, so quickly does time seem to move these days. But I was wrong.

The wisdom in this book (some of it from books published in the 1800's) is as relevant today as it was when Helen and Scott Nearing were homesteading on farms in Vermont and Maine in the 70's and 80's.

They have much to say about conservation, the economy, hard work and leisure time that we need to hear in 2013. It makes me want to run away to the country even though I know I wouldn't last a year.

It does have me thinking though, about how to do things differently today, right where I am, and that more than anything else is the hallmark of a good book. Highly recommended.


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