Wisdom from Wandering Earl

"The truth is, there is ALWAYS hidden value in every moment of life. It just might take us some time to discover it." --Wandering Earl

In preparation for a trip to Japan this summer I am starting to surf the web for things to do, accommodation, and travel tips. As these things always do, one thing led to another and I stumbled upon this quote on the website www.wanderingearl.com.

Wandering Earl took off from his home in the USA in 1999 and hasn't had a permanent residence since. And while I am not sure I am suited to this kind of a life permanently, I do love to travel this way.

No itinerary. No plan. No reservations. Just a basic idea of where I am headed and when I might (or might not) get there.

If you like to travel this way - or think you might like to - check out his website and also check out The Digital Nomads at www.neverendingvoyage.com.


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