28 Days of Abstinence - Day 12 - This could be the beginning of something BIG!

"Social, big, huge change can come through personal change." 
--From the movie "2012: Time for Change"

I love this idea of huge change coming from small change, social change coming from personal change and, while it may not seem like a one month abstention from something could lead to something BIG, I say WHY NOT? 

Maybe this change will lead to a new career, a new passion, a new love, a new LIFE! And that change may lead to changes in others and THAT may change the world.  

Spend some time today thinking about what bigger, social changes may be possible from the personal change you have committed to this month. Let your mind go and consider all possibilities that come to mind, don't limit your thinking, really expand your mind. 

Here's mine: 

Letting go of wheat I am healthier in my body. This change leads me to eat healthier across the board and to eventually give up sugar as well as wheat. When I begin eating less sugar, my family also eats less sugar and slowly loses a taste for it. As our family begins to eschew sugar, we plant the suggestion in the minds of others and soon a few of our friends are also abstaining from sugar. Then like the old Faberge Organics shampoo commercial, they tell some friends, and they tell some friends, and soon more and more people are eating less sugar, forcing companies which sell sugar-laced products to either go out of business or start making great-tasting products without sugar. As more and more people eat less sugar incidents of ADHD, Diabetes and obesity go down, the general population becomes healthier and starts living longer. They also experience less aggression and stabler moods. There are less incidents of road rage, less fighting on playgrounds and less yelling in homes and marriages. As the "no-sugar" habit spreads across the world, there is less conflict, less gun violence, and more peace and happiness generally. 

Is this a fantasy? Absolutely. Is it completely outside of the realm of possibility? Absolutely not. 

How did the organic food movement or Alcoholics Anonymous start? With one person and one idea. And the changes these people have made have been HUGE. You have the opportunity to create big, huge, social change with the actions you take every day. And you have already started. So keep up the great work. And on behalf of all of us. Thank you. 


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