28 Days of Abstinence - Day 18 - Avoiding the Realities

Even a tree as tall as this one once was is not permanent,
AND from this stump now grows a brand new tree
"We all develop addictions as a way of avoiding the realities of impermanence and loss." --Satya Robyn

Impermanence and loss. These are the realities of our human life. And they are hard realities to live with day in and day out for decades (if we are lucky). I agree with Satya that it is out of avoiding these realities that we develop addictions and, ironically, I have found that it is only in facing these realities on a daily basis that we can begin to let our addictions go.

Facing the realities of life and beginning to absorb the fact of impermanence and loss, the constant shifting and changing, the impossibility of ever really grasping and holding onto anything (a job, a relationship, a friend, a home) is what ultimately allows us to begin to let go of our addictions and to truly enjoy our lives, every precious fleeting moment.

Today I invite you to ask yourself: What losses am I avoiding through my addictions? How can I work on accepting impermanence?

Breathe into the feelings that arise and know that no matter what you are safe in this moment. You are free in this moment. You are here in this moment.

Meditation is a great way to begin this work and I invite you to spend ten minutes today just sitting and breathing. IN and OUT, IN and OUT. Just allow yourself to be in the reality of this life.


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