28 Days of Abstinence - Day 13 - Tread a New Way

"Your usual way of behaving has for once not worked and has got you into an unpleasant situation. Your usual problem solving strategy is not improving the situation, no matter how much you try. For a change, try dropping your usual approach and tread a new way!" --Julien Avram, www.dailyhoroscopes.net 

We decide to abstain because our old ways of eating, behaving or moving in the world are no longer working and we have gotten ourselves into some kind of an unpleasant situation. Abstinence is helping us tread a new way. Even if we return to the thing we are abstaining from fifteen days from now, it will be different because we will be different. The act of abstaining changes us and changes our relationship to our habit. Keep treading a new way and be amazed at what happens!


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