28 Days of Abstinence - Coming Monday!

"To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness." 
--Bertrand Russell

Today I am pleased to announce that beginning Monday, March 21st I will be leading another month-long spiritual challenge. This one on ABSTINENCE (I know, FUN, right?).

By abstinence I don't mean twenty-eight days without sex (unless that is the particular monkey that is on your back right now), by abstinence I mean taking time off from anything - a food, a habit, or a behavior - that may be in some way detrimental to your health or well being.

Over the course of twenty-eight days I will be sharing daily inspiration as well as my own struggles and successes with abstinence. At one time or another I have given up French fries, soda, talking, coffee (notice I didn't say caffeine because I cannot bear to think about giving up dark chocolate), alcohol, and meat. Each experience of abstinence included both challenges and gifts. I will share these with you and more.

So please join me on Monday either here on my blog, on Twitter or on the Being & Becoming Facebook Community.


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