28 Days of Abstinence - Day 5 - Caring for Ourselves

"Saying 'No,' can be the ultimate self-care." --Claudia Black

I think most of us when we hear this quote will immediately think of saying No to other people. And that is a good interpretation. For the sake of our challenge I think it also works to say that saying "No" to YOURSELF can be the ultimate self-care.

But don't we say "No" to ourselves all the time? "No, don't take a break, keep working." "No, don't make plans with friends this weekend, stay home and be with the kids." "No, don't sit down and read, do the dishes instead." 

No. No. No. No. No. We say "No" to ourselves all of the time, but not when we should. Which may be one reason why we have been saying "Yes" to whatever it is that we are abstaining from. Often we say "Yes" when we should say "No" and "No" when we should say "Yes." 

So today let's turn that around. Say "No" to whatever it is you are abstaining from, but say "Yes" to something that would really feed your soul. A long walk. A hot bath. An evening out. Whatever it is that you are longing for, say "Yes" to yourself today as well as "No." 

Now that really IS the ultimate self-care. 


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