28 Days of Abstinence - Day 4 - Letting IN

"Letting go clears the way for letting in..."--From a UNITY Direct Mail Appeal

Here's a question: What are you clearing the way for this month by letting go of something that is no longer serving you? What do you want to let in? 

I want to let in more raw foods (like crunchy organic carrots), more healthy foods (like baked goods made from almond flour and applesauce instead of wheat and sugar), more savory foods (like a quinoa cabbage salad with peanut sauce dressing and cashews). Food that energizes my body and makes me say, "Ah-h..." instead of "Ugh. I wish I hadn't eaten that."

I also want to let in more energy, more vitality, and more freedom because I am not so weighed down trying to digest all of that heavy wheat.


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