A Mud Day

Another "mud" day, when my husband's car got stuck in the sand on Long Beach, WA

"...[S]ome days are magic, some days are mud." --Donn "Murph" Murphy

I am having a "mud" day today. My body feels heavy, everything feels hard and the darkness seems to be squeezing out the light. 

At first I fought against it. I sat at my desk, "to do" list in hand, waiting for inspiration to strike. Nothing. 

I surfed the Internet. Checked my email. Wasted time on Facebook. It only got worse. I decided to take a walk. 

At first it didn't help. Instead of sitting in the mud, I was trudging through it, but I kept going. And going. And going. 

And then I remembered this quote, which I heard many moons ago in Xcalak, Mexico, and I remembered: some days are just mud. And there is nothing you can do to change that. But there are things you can do to make it more bearable. And soon the darkness cleared a bit. 

Here are some ideas for what to do on a "mud" day:

1) Sit down in it and have a good cry - Let it all out and allow the tears to wash away some of the mud. 

2) Make mud pies - What DO you feel like doing today? Maybe it isn't what you planned to do, but perhaps something positive can be created from all that mud.

3) Throw it at other people - Not recommended, but it is an option, and one we sometimes choose. I invite you to choose something else. 

4) Wash it off - take a long, hot shower or a salt water bath. Go for a swim. Hit the beach if you live near the coast. Wash some of the mud off and see if you don't feel cleaner and lighter. 

5) Play in it - Mud can be a lot of fun if you accept that you are going to get a little bit dirty. How can you enjoy this "mud" day in spite of itself? This might mean taking a walk, talking to a friend or treating yourself to an extra coffee break or lunch out. 

6) Remember that the mud will not last forever - it is likely that the mud will clear tomorrow, or the next day and you will feel the magic again, or at least a return to neutral. 


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