Eyes of Love (Ways of Practicing)

"L ☺ ☺ K with eyes of love." -- The Universe 

I have no idea where this quote came from - did I hear it somewhere and forget to write it down? - but it sprang to mind, fully formed, this morning as I was talking to a friend. 

She wasn't feeling so attractive and was lamenting how her body had changed over the years, how she was aging and feeling just plain ugly. 

I empathized and commiserated and finally advised her to look upon herself with "eyes of love." And then I made her say three things she liked about her body before we hung up.

Because that's the key isn't it? How we look. 

We can look with eyes of judgment. We can look with eyes of guilt. We can look with eyes of hatred or even with eyes of lust, but none of these give us the clearest picture of ourselves or others. It is only when we look with eyes of love that we see as God sees, as we truly are. 

So I challenge you today to look with eyes of love upon all that is around you. At your friends, your family, your neighbors. At the strangers you encounter as you move through your day. At that pile of laundry that has been sitting in the corner of your room for weeks, at the car that desperately needs washing, at the stack of papers you have to get through before tax day. 

And, of course, at your one and only beautiful Self.

[This photograph is of our dog who always looks at us with eyes of love, even when she desperately needs a grooming and can hardly see at all.]


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