Open Your Eyes!

"Love lives in everything. Little or big. Open your eyes." --Unknown

Someone wrote this in the guestbook in the ladies restroom at one of my favorite restaurants and it has become one of my favorite quotes, maybe ever.

Not only is it a beautiful sentiment, beautifully worded, but the thought that someone came up with it in between peeing and washing their hands delights and astounds me.

This person was not thinking about the food in her teeth or how she'd like to change her hair or what she was rushing off to do next, she was thinking about love and how to share it with the next person that walked in that door, sat down and picked up this book.

Want to see love in everything? Open your eyes!

[This little lady shared our table at an outdoor restaurant we ate at this summer. I took this picture to text to the kids who were back at home with the babysitter.]


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